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Try our free VPN app today, and be sure to leave a rating to let us know how we're going!


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Yes! CyberVPN will always offer a free option, allowing you to connect to multiple cities around the world.

When you connect to one of our 60+ secure servers across the world, we’ll securely route your traffic through our IP addresses. The end website, or any 3rd party spies will only see our IP address, which constantly changes to help avoid detection.

Across the majority of the world, the use of a VPN to encrypt your browsing data is completely legal.

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! We need to generate revenue to pay for the servers, however if you don’t like ads please feel free to subscribe to our premium offering for only $2.99 per month which removes all ads, allows unlimited speed and access to multiple streaming servers.

Yes! We’re constantly growing our network, if you’d like to vote for a new location please vote within the app and we’ll do our best to deliver.

Our premium servers offer unlimited speed, no ads and access to exclusive screaming servers which allow you to unlock content on US and UK websites including Netflix, BBCiPlayer and Hulu. Look out for Australian streaming servers which will also be available in the next few months.

No. CyberVPN operates a strict no-log policy. Your data and browsing history is completely anonymous when connected to CyberVPN.

Yes, we’re one of the most torrent-friendly VPN’s in the industry.

BBCiPlayer - Yes, all you need to do is visit, register an account and you’ll be able to watch any content free of charge US & UK Netflix - No. You will need to have an existing Netflix subscription in your local country before you can unlock the US content. To access US/UK Netflix all you need to do is connect to the streaming server, then open Netflix, login as you normally would and you’ll immediately see the additional content available.

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